This Could Be World's Most Advanced Car

 Asahi Kasei's Automotive Initiatives


 Source: Asahi Kasei

AKXY Concept Car

Asahi Kasei, which is a diversified Japanese multinational company, has a new automotive series AKXY.  It represents an untraditional approach to building concept cars that incorporate environmental performance, automotive safety and comfort.  Their AKXY is a moving showcase of highly advanced technologies. The vehicle is autonomous, electrified and a leading-edge example of advanced personal mobility.   And for starters, the company uses engineering resin as a substitute for metal to build the vehicle and lower its weight.  The leather in the car's seats is artificial.  The vehicle's internal communications systems employ a myriad of voice processing technologies.  To put it simply, this may be one of the most technologically advanced vehicles being developed.  As such, it is fascinating and well worth learning about.

More Technologies

With AKXY get prepared for more advanced technologies and to enjoy a vision of where automotive technologies may be taking us in the future via a unique vision from Japanese technologists.  The vehicle contains a contactless vital sign sensing system that detects the pulse of the driver even without their being aware of it.  There are also CO2 monitors and sensors inside the car to guard against carbon monoxide poisoning. Plus, the vehicle has 26 of the company's proprietary components and systems, along with safe driving and accident prevention solutions. 

A Concept With Its Own Philosophy

This concept car employs the 3 S's: sustainability, satisfaction and society.  The company says it contains technologies that touch the senses, ensure the highest functionality and reduce the environmental impact.  The interior is designed to function like a home patio for socialization or total relaxation.  A few more new pieces of technology:

  • Water based hard coating
  • Sensair alcohol sensor that's extremely accurate to detect alcohol on a driver's breath and is integrated into the vehicle
  • Highly advanced reinforcement technologies for EV batteries to prevent fires
This vehicle will debut at the Detroit Auto Show on September 14th.  It is designed to showcase the future of autonomous, electrified mobility. Possibly it will have more great new technologies in it that we will learn about in the next few days. 


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