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 Chevy Equinox Costs About $30,000

                                        Source:  Chevrolet

GM:  An EV For Everyone

This is an epic automotive development - an electric vehicle that is affordable.  Chevrolet has just unveiled an EV for the masses.  It's the Chevrolet Equinox that is priced around $30,000. By comparison, the average EV in July 2022 sold for $60,000.  The 2024 mid-sized SUV is $35,000 less than the Tesla Y and $13,000 less than the Ford Mustang Mach E.  Equinox is currently GM's second-best selling vehicle, right behind the Silverado. The new, all- electric Equinox vehicle makes it inexpensive to be green, zero emissions and beneficial to the environment.  GM has designed it to be a game-changing EV.  The vehicle has a range on a charge up to 300 miles.  It will be offered in a variety of trims, battery sizes and ranges.

Tech Specs

GM wants to be the world's biggest EV seller and the new electric Equinox is a major part of the effort.  The exterior of the vehicle is very similar to the gas-powered version with the exception of the front of the vehicle with a light bar crossing the entire width.  The standard front wheel drive gets 210 hp and 242 pd-ft of torque.  AWD punches out 290 hp and 346 pd-ft of torque.  It will be built on the Ultium electric powertrain architecture which usually provides a 400-volt battery pack and up to 200 kW of fast-charging capability.  But some experts say that to keep the price down, the Equinox may have slightly less than that.  The interior of the new EV is totally functional with an 11" instrument cluster and 11" infotainment screen.  It can sit five adults.  The Equinox is a car that packs a lot for the money.  And, GM is putting a lot of money behind electrification.  It will spend $30 billion by 2025 to create 30 new plug-in EV models in its quest to unseat Tesla.  For more news stories like this, New Travel Vehicles Illustrated   Another great news resource, Electric Vehicle For All


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