DeLorean's 2 New Hot Concept Cars

 Two Concept Cars May Go Into Production:  Alpha 5 & Alpha 2

Source:  DeLorean Alpha 5 & 2

The Resurrection of the DeLorean Brand

Luxury automaker DeLorean, which went bankrupt back in 1982, has been sold and is back in business with two stunning, new concept cars that it intends to put into production.  The DeLorean Alpha 5 is an EV that is designed to look like the original, classic DMC DeLorean with its gullwing doors and body of stainless steel.  The vehicle was unveiled recently in Pebble Beach, California. It has a range of 300 miles, a top speed of 155 miles per hour and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 2.99 seconds.  The Alpha 5 will have a 100-kWh battery which is bigger than that of a Porsche Taycan.  It will be a 2024 model and can be ordered for purchase, although the price hasn't been disclosed yet.

Alpha 2

The Alpha 2 is a concept of what a Delorean would have looked like in 1996 if DeLorean has been in business that year.  The result is such a gorgeous vehicle that many consumers are saying:  "I just have to have it!".  DeLorean CEO Joost de Vries says they are going to oblige with a small production run.  The vehicle was designed by the famed Italian automotive design house Pininfarina. It has a removable roof and the handsome, good looks of a Chevrolet Corvette.  There are very few details available on the vehicle's power, performance and engine-type, although DeLorean does say it will likely have a V-8 engine, which in the age of electric vehicles is a surprise.  DeLorean is clearly in the process of re-establishing itself as a highly innovative, creative brand.  It has several more exciting new concept cars in its pipeline.  DeLorean is now headquartered in Humble, Texas.  For more news stories like this, New Travel Vehicles Illustrated


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