Science History: Fuel Produced on Water

 University of Cambridge, Artificial Leaves, Clean Fuel

                            Source:  University of Cambridge

New Clean Fuel Source From Sun, Water & Artificial Leaves

Scientists at the UK's University of Cambridge have invented a new, innovative way to create clean fuel with lots of potential.  They've invented innovative, artificial leaves that convert sunlight and water, that the leaves are immersed in, into clean fuel.  The prestigious University is calling this a major scientific milestone.  They say it is the first time that clean fuel has been generated on water.  

Nature's Way

This intriguing concept was inspired by nature.  The artificial leaves work by photosynthesis, just the way real plants do when they convert sunlight into food.  Scientific testing of the devices on the River Cam shows the artificial leaves work as efficiently as real leaves except they are creating clean fuel.

How Does It Work?

The scientists use two different types of fuel cells to produce a chemical reaction from the sunlight and water that the artificial leaves are immersed in.  The result is the production of a beneficial synthetic gas or syngas. The researchers believe it could prove to be a significant, clean alternative to fossil fuels like oil.  The artificial leaves are inexpensive to make, buoyant and produce no emissions.  Scaled up to a much larger size, the unique system could be used on oceans, rivers and ports, among other water locations.  The scientists say a key goal is to help the global shipping industry cut its current 80% dependency on fossil fuels.  They believe if the global shipping industry converted to syngas that would have a big impact in cutting global carbon emissions.  The Cambridge artificial leaves approach to clean fuel is a fascinating new road to a green planet.  For more news stories like this, Our Next Green Travel Vehicles


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