VW's New Electric Off-Roader ID Xtreme

 ID Xtreme

                                        Source:  Volkswagen

Fun New Concept from Volkswagen

Volkswagen has unveiled a powerful, fun, new electric off-roader, called the ID Xtreme.  It's a concept car that packs 382 hp and is all-electric with zero emissions, on and off-road driving.  The EV is based on the new 2023 ID 4.  But the Xtreme contains factory upgrades, new technologies and accessories to make it ready for Xtreme off-roading. 

New Technologies

The Xtreme has all-wheel drive and software modifications to achieve 382 hp.  The EV has rally, off-road 18-inch wheels and sits much higher above the ground than the ID 4 to traverse rugged terrain.  The Xtreme has huge, wide, front fenders, a crash bar and a modified front bumper to give it a rugged, road-less-traveled look and feel. There is extra off-roading protection with a full aluminum underbody cover.  There's also a LED lighting bar on the roof.  VW has also added a sound generator in the wheels to enhance the sound of off-roading.  VW says the Xtreme "was made by enthusiasts at VW for ID enthusiasts".  It sounds like VW is really into this off-roader.  Automotive experts are waiting to see if VW will put the Xtreme into production.


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