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Electric Vehicles For All

  Chevy Equinox Costs About $30,000                                                  Source:  Chevrolet GM:  An EV For Everyone This is an epic automotive development - an electric vehicle that is affordable.  Chevrolet has just unveiled an EV for the masses.  It's the Chevrolet Equinox that is priced around $30,000. By comparison, the average EV in July 2022 sold for $60,000.  The 2024 mid-sized SUV is $35,000 less than the Tesla Y and $13,000 less than the Ford Mustang Mach E.  Equinox is currently GM's second-best selling vehicle, right behind the Silverado. The new, all- electric Equinox vehicle makes it inexpensive to be green, zero emissions and beneficial to the environment.  GM has designed it to be a game-changing EV.  The vehicle has a range on a charge up to 300 miles.  It will be offered in a variety of trims, battery sizes and ranges. Tech Specs GM wants to be the world's biggest EV seller and the new electric Equinox is a major part of the effort.  The exterio