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Big EV Partnership: Sony & Honda

  Big Technological Convergence                                                        Source:  Sony Sony's  First Electric Cars in 2025 There has been a seismic move in the global electric car marketplace.  Japanese electronics and entertainment giant Sony is teaming up with global automotive giant Honda to develop and manufacture electric cars.  The new cars will go to market and be ready for purchase in 2025.  This partnership makes Sony the latest big player in the rapidly accelerating electric car business.  And the throw-weight of the synergistic technologies that the two partners bring to the table is mammoth.   Sony EVs Sony first announced its interest in developing electric cars in 2020.  At CES 2022, it unveiled a stunning electric SUV concept called Vision-S 02.  It can carry 7 people and includes the capacity for them to play video games made for the Sony Playstation 5 console.  Rather than following the path to develop and manufacture the e-SUV alone, Sony Mobility is