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United Builds Air Taxi Fleet

  United Buys Hundreds of Flying Taxis from Eve Air Mobility                                                         Source:  Eve  United Also Invests $15M in Eve United Airlines is making it clear that it believes flying taxis are a big part of the near-term future of air travel.  United has announced the purchase of 200 eVTOLs (electric, vertical takeoff & landing vehicles) from Eve Air Mobility of Melborne, Florida.  Additionally United has the option of purchasing 200 more eVTOLs from Eve.  And, United is also investing $15 million in the company.  Delivery of the 4-seat electric aircraft will be in 2026.  Eve was recently spun off by Brazilian aviation giant Embraer and went public.  Embraer and Eve maintain working relationships.  As a result, Embraer service centers, warehouses and field technicians will service the air taxis for United, along with Eve technicians. Big Aviation Partnership United and Eve intend to partner on the development and utilization of the Eve eVTOLs

Fascinating New US Flying Car - LEO Coupe

  A Personal Automobile For the Sky                                                  Source:  LEO Flight New, Very Fast, Long-Range Flying Car Being Developed in US A stunning, very futuristically styled, all-electric flying car called the LX-1 LEO Coupe has just been unveiled by US based, eVTOL startup LEO Flight.  It's a piloted, electric vertical takeoff and landing "personal automobile for the skies".  A hyper eVTOL, it has extraordinary speed and range.  The electric flying car can take off and land on a driveway for ultra-commuting convenience.  LX-1 has good looks, uniquely powerful technology and great inventor pedigrees - all of which have the potential to shakeup the global flying car industry. Tech Specs LX-1 is an experimental prototype with an aluminum frame. The prototype was built to test its innovative powertrain that contains four banks of at least 72 small vertical-lift fans.  Two larger fans in the back of the vehicle give it forward, horizontal thrust.

Robot Herds Birds From Planes

Thwarting Bird Strikes on Planes Miracle on the Hudson Caltech, Imperial College London & South Korean scientists have just developed an autonomous flying drone that herds birds out of airspaces.  They investigated the problem of flocking birds hitting aircraft, which happens daily, putting passenger lives in danger.  They've developed a robotic aerial device - a robo bird that herds.  Their research was inspired by the "Miracle on the Hudson" - the US Air jet hit by birds that the pilot landed on the Hudson River. Robo Bird Just one of the new drones can redirect an entire flock of birds.  It has a new herding algorithm.  The algorithm enables a flying drone to herd a flock of birds away from an airspace without hurting them or breaking their formation.  The scientists and engineers created the algorithm by carefully observing flock dynamics and how the flock interacts with flying objects. Successfully Tested The herding drone was successfully tested in So