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Jeep Expands Electric Lineup

  4 New All-Electric Jeeps by 2025                                                                                                            Source:  Jeep New Electric Wagoneer S & Electric Recon Jeep is on a mission to electrify its entire lineup of SUVs in the next few years.  To that end, it just introduced two new, fully electric SUVs that will hit the market in 2024.  Two more will follow by 2025.  The dynamic duo just introduced include the spiffy and speedy Wagoneer S and an all-electric Wrangler-like vehicle called the Jeep Recon, which has a power sliding glass top that features the most glass of any Jeep production model.  The vehicle also has removable doors.  By 2030, half of all Jeep sales in the US and 100% in Europe will be electric. Previously, Jeep had been focusing on the development of hybrid models.  Speedy and Zero Emissions For the Grand Wagoneer S, Jeep is targeting 400 miles range on a charge, 600 hp and acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds.  Jeep h

Toyota's Off-Road Compact Cruiser EV

  Off-Roading in Style with Zero Emissions                                                  Source:  Toyota Part of Lifestyle-Oriented EV Megatrend Toyota has unveiled a number of new images of its new Compact Cruiser EV concept.  The vehicle is a boxy, compact off-roader with good looks and zero emissions.  In fact, it is the recipient of the prestigious 2022 Car Design Award for Concept Vehicles.  The vehicle is an outdoorsy beauty that was created by the Toyota Europe Design development team in Nice, France.  It is expected to go into production and is one of the most fascinating of the 16 upcoming battery electric concepts that Toyota and Lexus recently introduced. It's a prime example of the global automotive megatrend of consumers desiring EVs that reflect their lifestyle interests. New Design This vehicle is reminiscent of the iconic Toyota FJ Cruiser.  It is both retro and futuristic, smooth and rugged with a compact footprint. It has squared off fenders, strong body sectio

BMW's All-Electric i4 to Debut in Geneva

2020's Much Anticipated EV BMW:  i4 concept rendering, including i4 all-electric sedan All Electric with BMW Traditional Styling The much anticipated and very important BMW i4 will make its world debut at the 2020 Geneva Auto Show next week. The all-electric vehicle is crucial to BMW leadership and a key weapon in their war with Tesla for EV customers globally.  The BMW i4 is BMW's top entry into the all-electric premier car segment. Electric Details What's particularly exciting about the BMW i4 is that it's an all-electric, five-seater with very long range performance.  BMW says it can drive up to 434 miles on a single charge.  The EV will be available in all-wheel and rear-wheel drive versions and has BMW's fifth generation eDrive.  There are reports it may offer two battery versions:  an 80 kWh battery and a 60 kWh version.  The vehicle has up to 530 horsepower and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds. We'll have all th

2021: Kia's Halo EV Affordably Priced

High Performing Halo EV 2021 Kia's EV Concept "Vision" Setting New Standards at Affordable Price Kia plans to launch a high performance, all electric vehicle - the Halo - in 2021.  Kia is promising the EV will have long range, very high performance and ultra quick charging. And, very importantly, they say is will be reasonably priced at considerably below the cost of Tesla, Mercedes and BMW EV's.  Kia's goal is to establish its electric vehicle leadership by setting a very high bar in the EV global industry. Being all-electric, the Halo will have zero emissions. Halo Crossing Boundaries The Halo is expected to blend the boundaries between sedans and SUV's.  Part of the mindset behind the Halo is the EV concept car Vision, that Kia showcased at the recent Geneva Auto Show.  Kia won't launch the Halo until 2021 because they're waiting for parent company Hyundai's new, all electric platform that it wants to use to build the

GM CEO on Electric Cars' Future

Betting Big on Electric Vehicles Driv ing to an All Electric Market Over the next five years, GM CEO Mary Barra expects to spend more money on research, development and selling electric vehicles than gas powered cars.  She also thinks the production of electric cars will be less labor intensive than gas powered vehicles.  GM has 20 electric models in the pipeline that will be on the market in 2023.  Barra believes the future of driving and the future for GM is fully electric. UAW Contract:  No Limits on Electric Vehicles CEO Mary Barra shared her vision of the future of electric vehicles with the Wall Street analyst community.  She forecasts that electric vehicles will start becoming an increasingly larger part of the sales mix by 2030.  Barra just signed a labor contract with the UAW union that is concerned about its membership losing jobs because of the less labor intensive manufacturing of electric vehicles.  However, the new UAW contract does not limit the number of electri

Harley Going All Electric

All New, All Electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire Source:  Harley's 2019 LiveWire Four Year Development Project Ready to Deliver If you are interested in motorcycles and electric, green vehicles, you are going to be fascinated by this news.  Harley-Davidson is delivering on a four year development project and its commitment to make and sell an all-electric motorcycle.  Their LiveWire all-electric motorcycle is going to market in August 2019. The company says it's green, quiet and the "loudest sound you'll hear is your heart beating" as it accelerates at rapid speed. Tech Specs The bike goes from zero to 60 mph in under 3.5 seconds.  All you need to do is twist the throttle and take off.  No clutch to release and no gears to run through. The estimated range on the battery is 110 miles.  The battery can be charged on the road at any public Level 3 DC Fast Charge station or at home on a standard outlet.  The price starts at $29,799.