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IEA's 2 New Green Fuels

  IEA Cites Hydrogen & Ammonia as Green Alternative Fuels           Source: Stock Images of Power Plants, Hydrogen Plant & Ammonia New Way to Significantly Cut Carbon Emissions at Power Plants Is there a way to significantly start reducing the millions of tons of toxic, climate change producing, carbon dioxide emissions spewing from coal fired power plants around the world in the near future?  According to the head of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Fatih Birol there is.  At a conference in Japan, he cited the green, zero emissions role that both hydrogen and ammonia can play.  Birol said "co-firing" hydrogen and  ammonia to fuel current coal fired, fossil fuel power plants would significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions as the world transition to a more carbon free energy environment.  He added that using these two non-carbon fuels would be particularly effective for countries that have limited low carbon fuel resources such as those in East and Southea