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Potential Cure for Lyme Disease

US Researchers Find an Antibody that Blocks the Tick-Borne Disease Source:  Stock Image of Jogger and Dog In Woods 100% Effective in Lab Tests If you love the outdoors and your pets, this new medical innovation is of great importance to you.  Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School have discovered what they believe is an antibody that prevents ticks from spreading Lyme disease.  Lyme is a tick borne bacterial infection that can cause neurological problems if left untreated. The symptoms can be severe.  Some of the diseases that ticks carry are characterized as severe as malaria.  The disease comes from a tick that you picked up on your socks or clothing during a jog, walk through the woods or just petting your dog or cat. Antidote Until now there has been no cure for Lyme Disease.  UMASS has developed a "vaccine" in which antibodies are injected into a human that block the release of the Lyme disease bacteria that comes from a tick bite. In l