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Swiss Voters For $6.5 B in Fighter Jets

  Neutral Nation's Value of Self-Reliance                                        Source:  Swiss Fighter Jets New World. Extremely Close and Innovative Vote For the Swiss, armed neutrality is a long standing tradition.  In an extremely close vote, Swiss voters have backed a government plan to buy top of the line innovation in jet fighters, to the tune of $6.5 billion. The vote in favor was 50.2% and it is binding.  It's a sign of our globally turbulent times. This is a brand new world.  And, for the Swiss, this is a case of the virtue of self-reliance in the supersonic and coming hypersonic age of fighting jets. Virtue of Self Reliance in Defense Supersonic jets and fighter jets can traverse Switzerland in under ten minutes.  The Swiss government argued that it is now necessary to replace their aging fleet of 30 F/A-18 Hornet jets that go out of service in 2030.  Switzerland is a neutral country and may have no apparent enemies but global conditions rapidly change.  And Swiss vo

Important Innovations Collection: Drone Deliveries to Your Door

FAA Gives 1st Approval for Drone Package Deliveries to Google Source:  Google Drone Google Drone Package Deliveries to Start in Virginia in a Few Months Package deliveries by drones in the United States has been approved for Google by the FAA.  Google is cleared to start drone delivery service in Virginia.  Operations are expected to get airborne in a few months.  Google calls it Project Wing.  The drones are expected to cut costs and time for package deliveries.   For more on this news development, go to Important Innovations Collection: Drone Deliveries to Your Door : Google Wins First FAA Approval to Deliver Packages by Drones Source:  Google Drone Starts in Virginia Google is now on its way to de...