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Heart Benefits from Strength Training Exercise

Benefits Vary Among Dynamic & Static Exercises Stock Photo:  Strength Training New Research The American College of Cardiology reports that static exercise activity like strength training is good and better for your heart.  It has stronger results for reducing heart disease risk than dynamic exercise activity like cycling, running and walking. Results The results were presented at the LCC Latin America Conference 2018 in Lima, Peru. More than 4,000 American adults were tracked and analyzed on their exercise routines.  The research concludes that all types of physical activity and exercise are good for the heart.  But static activities, like aerobics and strength training, even in small amounts, proved to be the most beneficial. Your Takeaways The bottom-line from this research is that all exercise works.  Static and dynamic work separately, they work together but static exercise stands out as the most beneficial in preventing heart disease.

Probiotics Unequal Benefits

New Research: Not Everyone Benefits from Probiotics Israeli Study Finds Unequal  Benefits Many people take probiotics through food and supplements to boost their digestive health.  Israeli scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science have released a study that shows the so-called good bacteria benefits some people more than others. And in fact it sometimes can do more harm than good. Customized Probiotics The scientists suggest a new approach to the use of probiotics.  Their conclusion is that probiotics shouldn't be given out as a "1 size fits all supplement".  Instead they should be individualized based on the microbes present in the person's stomach to maximize beneficial results.  They also discovered that probiotics can have a potentially harmful effect if given after antibiotics. Their study was  published in the journal Cell.