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Europe's Offshore Wind Energy Success

  European Union May Vastly Expand Wind Power Capacity                                  Source:  German Offshore Wind Farm 2030 and 2050 Green Goals For the European Union, energy produced by wind power generation is now cheaper than that produced by fossil fuels.  As a result, the EU is considering a huge investment in offshore wind power technology and infrastructure. The nearly $Trillion investment is aimed at creating five-times or 60 gigawatts of offshore wind generated energy by 2030.  The current level is 12 gigawatts.  By 2050 the EU is targeting 300 gigawatts.  They are also targeting 60 gigawatts of wave and tidal energy by 2050. Massive Renewable Energy Agenda These renewable energy goals are unprecedented and would require a major change of scale for the energy sectors of the 27 nation European Union.  The cost is estimated at $937 billion.  The EU plan is still being worked on and should be finalized by mid-November.  If put into action, it will result in a five-fold incre

Perfect Day, Animal-Free Dairy Startup

  Perfect Day and Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger                                             Source:  Perfect Day Animal-Free Dairy Startup With $360 Million in Funding Europe and the US are leading the way in the development of animal free food and investors are bankrolling new startups.  A great example is the animal-free dairy startup Perfect Day.  Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger just made a significant investment in the company and now has a seat on its board of directors.  This after Perfect Day raised $360 million in investment funding this year.  The company has a unique history, innovative technology and commercially available products like its dairy-free ice cream. Transatlantic Roots Perfect Day was founded in Cork, Ireland by two young scientists Ryan Padya and Perumal Gandi.  Their approach to creating animal-free dairy products garnered global interest.  They've developed animal-free milk, cheese, yogurt, butter and ice cream.  Now headquartered in Berkeley, Cal