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New Flying Car Needs Driver's License Only

  Doroni Aerospace's H1 eVTOL                                             Source: Doroni Aerospace Parks In the Garage Miami, Florida based Doroni Aerospace has developed an electric flying car that can be piloted with just a driver's license.  The electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle (eVTOL) is so intuitive and smart, that it is semi-autonomous and can pilot itself.  Called the H1 eVTOL, it is also small enough to fit into a garage.  The company says the vehicle is easier to fly than a conventional small plane or helicopter.  It requires only 20 hours of flight training.  The H1 aircraft isn't a flying machine on the distant horizon.  It can be pre-ordered right now. Democratizing the Skies The company says their new vehicle, which takes off and lands vertically and is totally electric powered, will democratize flying because it is so easy to operate.  It's a semi-robotic, semi-autonomous aircraft that can seat two people, carry a 500-pound load and has wheels

World's Fastest, Electric, Autonomous Car

World's 1st Electrified, Autonomous Hypercar Source:  Geneva Auto Show 2018 Rimac's C Two: World's Fastest Car Croatian startup Rimac, with the financial backing of Porsche, Kia and Hyundai, has developed the world's first electrified, autonomous hypercar, the limited edition C Two. The vehicle was unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Auto Show as a concept close to production.  It received great reviews and orders for the $2 million vehicle sold out in record time.  The company is now closing in on delivering those orders by late 2020.  Porsche has at least a 15% investment stake in Rimac. Loaded with Highly Advanced Technology:  Electric and Level 4 Autonomous The vehicle has four electric motors that deliver 1,914 horsepower.  It may be the world's fastest car.  Rimac says in 1.85 seconds it accelerates from 0 to 60 mph.  To go autonomous, the technology suite includes 6 radar sensors, lidar, 8 cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors.  All of that technolog

Important Innovations Collection: Navigation Display on Car Dashboard

Heads-Up Car Navigation Display Your Eyes on the Road - New Tech VIZR and the smartphone are combined as an advanced new display for car navigation.  The goal is to keep drivers focused on the road while seeing navigation tools they need like GPS and city streets right up on the dashboard of the vehicle.  For a great news blog on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: Navigation Display on Car Dashboard : VIZR & Smartphone Advanced Display Source: VIZR Heads-Up Display Gadget VIZR is an advanced navigation display that grips to ...

New Concept Car Getting Raves at NYC Auto Show

Genesis Concept Car: Luxurious, Small, Electric Source:  Genesis The Genesis Mint Korean luxury automaker Genesis unveiled its newest concept car at the New York International Auto Show that opened today.  It's called the Genesis Mint.  It's a 2 door electric car, that's getting rave reviews from attendees and the press.  It's a small, luxurious, 2-seater that is battery electric powered.  It's designed for city driving. Sporty and Futuristic The Mint is the size of a Fiat with a range of 200 miles and has a quick recharge.  It's futuristic looking, sporty with a minimalist interior.  The driver and passenger share a leather bench between the two front seats.  No word on price or plans for production.  But in this case, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Genesis was spun off from Hyundai three years ago.  It currently has three luxury sedans available for sale in the US that are targeted at customers interested in Mercedes, BMW and Audi.

Important Innovations Collection: Tesla's New Mass Market Electric Vehicle

Tesla Goes Mass Market, Electric Car with Model Y Unveiled Today and Delivers in 2020 and 2021 Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk knows he has to deliver an electric car affordable and useable by all of us in the global mass market. Today, he unveiled what he thinks will deliver: his Model Y with a base price of $39,000 with a range of 230 miles deliverable in 2021. with a lot more range, speed, higher price and faster delivery on other models.  For a great news blog to see what you think, take a look at I mportant Innovations Collection: Tesla's New Mass Market Electric Vehicle : Tesla's Model Y Source:  Tesla Model Y All Electric, Designed for Mass Markets Tesla just unveiled its second, mass market elect...