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New EV - Combo Plane & Boat for Commuters

  High Speed Air/Water Travel Commute                                        Source:  Regent Seaglider Regent Seaglider Is New Electric Travel Tech Would you love to get from Boston to Nantucket, or from any major city to a beautiful nearby coastal location, in record time?  There's a new electric aircraft, that's part plane and boat, that can do it.  It's called the Regent Seaglider.  The EV taxis across the water from a dock and then takes off and lands on open water, and then taxis back to the dock to discharge passengers.  This EV is similar to a Seaplane but it is much more technologically sophisticated.  The Seaglider is the creation of two MIT aerospace engineers, Billy Thalheimer and Mike Klinker who both worked at Aurora Flight Services and Boeing , before founding their Boston based startup Regent. Regent Seaglider now has nearly $500 million in orders for this unique EV and billionaire Mark Cuban as a founding backer.  The Seaglider is specifically designed for f