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Tesla & VW Compete Hard in China EV Market

  New EVs in Direct Competition                                                  Source:  VW's ID.4 SUV VW ID.4 Electric SUV  VS. Tesla EV's Volkswagen is taking on Tesla directly in China with the launch of two VW ID.4 electric SUV's.  China is the world's largest auto market and VW's two new, electric SUV's are being produced in conjunction with top China EV partners. VW China Partners The ID.4X SUV is being produced with SAIC Motors of China.  And, the ID.4CROZZ is being produced with China's FAW Group.  Both are dominant players in the China electric vehicle market. Major China Competition This is part of a major push by VW to take on Tesla and Chinese EV automaker Nio, Inc. for a big piece of the China electric vehicle market.  The starting price of the VW EV SUV's appears to be $37,450, which is quite competitive.  The vehicles offer a single charge range of 250 miles and provide over-the-air internet software updates.  By 2023, VW says it will rol

France Accelerates Cloud Computing

Developing Domestic Alternative to US Domination in Cloud Computing Source:  Stock Image of Cloud Computing Important Global Competition for the Cloud France has brought in two French tech companies - software company Dassault Systems and cloud company OMH to beat the US dominance in cloud computing and provide French companies with a domestic alternative.  The announcement is from the French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire. Very Fast Track Development France wants to build its own cloud secure storing system for storing French companies most sensitive data.  According to some news reports, this project is being developed initially at the French German participatory level and then possibly expanded throughout Europe. The extent of Germany's involvement was not initially detailed. Big R&D Investment The French government's  big concern is a US 2018 law, the Cloud Act, that let's US Agencies access European corporate data stored in the servers of US c

Star Wars: USAF Jumpstarts Hypersonics

2 New Hypersonic Weapons Plans  Artist Concept of USAF Hypersonic Vehicle Star Wars As the photo shows, the USAF hypersonic system looks like Star Wars revisited. The US Airforce is jumpstarting 2, new hypersonic weapons programs.  A compelling reason: intense competitive pressure from Russia and China which have aggressive hypersonic programs of their own. Space Wars The USAF has awarded Lockheed Martin 2 contracts for hypersonic weapons in the past few months worth $1.4 billion.  The most recent, last week, is a $480 million contract to design the Air Launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW).  Some call it the most dangerous space weapon ever. Hyper-Speeds Hypersonic weapon systems travel far faster than the speed of sound.  They do Mach 5 plus or 3,806 mph.  And a key differentiator is that they're highly maneuverable.  Right now, the US has no defense system capable of taking them down because of their hyper speeds and maneuverability.  That's why this research is