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Your 1 Hour Hypersonic Global Ticket

  Venus Aerospace's Mach 9 Space Plane Stargazer                                               Source:  Venus Aerospace Hypersonic Air Travel For Passengers Texas-based aerospace startup Venus Aerospace has unveiled the first conceptual design of its hypersonic space plane Stargazer that is capable of Mach 9 or 6,905 mph.  The hypersonic space plane is designed to take passengers anyplace in the world in an hour or less. The vehicle will take off from and land in any conventional airport and travel to the edges of space for fast, long-distance flights. The new concept is a look at the future of warp-speed global travel for passengers by hypersonic aircraft. The company is also working on a Mach 9 hypersonic drone. Well-Funded Startup, Technology and Business Plan Stargazer will initially be able to carry 12 passengers.  It will take off and land sub-sonically from airport runways and then fly hypersonically when it reaches 170,000 feet.  The plane is designed to be 100 feet wide, l