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BMW New Concept: Vision M Next

  Thriller of a Car Concept with Autonomous Mode                                                  Source:  BMW Not-to-Distant Future of Driving and Being Driven BMW has a new vision for the future of driving.  The Vision M Next concept is a hybrid-electric sports car that allows the driver to decide if they want to drive or be driven autonomously.  Through its Vision series of vehicles, BMW is striving to set the gold standard for sustainable, autonomous cars.  The Vision M Next and the previous Vision iNext are meant to spark discussions about what life could be like inside autonomous cars. BMW is also seeking to trigger valuable debate about future directions for the automotive industry.  BMW's Vision M Next is a pivotal new concept and a centerpiece of automotive conversation and debate about the future of driving. New Technologies The EV serves as BMW's vision of the future of sports cars and the future of its M Performance cars.  The concept has two future BMW driving mode

Nissan Frontier Concept Doesn't Need a Road

  Nissan Nismo Off-Road Frontier Concept Source:  Nissan Nismo Off-Road Frontier New Off-Roader With a Powerful Truck Powertrain The Nissan Nismo Off-Road Frontier concept is a hefty, midsize truck that takes off-road performance to a whole new level.  This V8 vehicle is so rugged, it doesn't need a road to drive on.  It has lots of power thanks to its 5.6-liter VE engine taken from the Titan full-size pickup truck.  The engine produces 400 hp and 413 pd-ft of torque in the Titan. In essence, the new concept offers Titan power in a mid-size truck. The Off-Road Frontier was built by Forsberg Racing.  It is a highly modified vehicle concept that will be showcased at the 2022 SEMA show coming up in Las Vegas. With a slew of new off-road accessories, it operates like a Baja-style, desert running machine.  Specially Equipped Off-Roader Nissan says the Frontier Off-Roader is meant to inspire Nissan Frontier truck owners with what they could do with their own truck. The off-road accessori

Tata, Owner of JaguarLandRover, New EV

  EV Inspired by the Timeless Elegance of a Catamaran                                                             Source:  Tata AVINYA EV JaguarLandRover owner, Tata Group headquartered in India, has just unveiled a distinctive and unique luxury electric vehicle called the AVINYA.  The EV is inspired by the timeless elegance of the catamaran.  Tata says it has a human centric design and promises a sensory journey of its own.  The EV is packed with AI, software and "new age" technologies to "deliver wellness and tranquility during transit". Tatas plans to put the vehicle into production in 2025.  The vehicle concept is spacious, luxurious, elegant and quite different. No Displays A striking feature about this new EV concept is that the designers purposefully eliminated from the interior of the vehicle any displays.  The rationale is that the EV is designed to be an oasis of tranquility.  According to Tata, there are no display screens in order to have "no distra

Lexus 2 Concepts, Offroad, Green, Nature

  Off-Roading in Harmony with Nature                                             Source:  Lexus Two New Concept Vehicles - 1st Hydrogen Vehicle At the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 show, Lexus introduced two, new off-roading concepts.  The NX PHEV offroad concept SUV is a rugged, large crossover that has a plug-in powertrain. with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine. Lexus, which is Toyota's luxury brand, also officially unveiled its hydrogen powered ROV.  These side-by-side vehicles are designed for adventurous off-roaders who enjoy travelling the road less traveled with zero or very low emissions. NX PHEV Concept Lexus says these two new concepts are representative of its goals to expand travel choices for customers and simultaneously work toward a carbon free society with zero emissions driving. The NX PHEV offers both BEV (battery electric vehicle) and PHEV (plug-in hybrid vehicle) modes.  It is built on a new platform, making it wider, taller and longer than the first generation NX.  It

New US Jumbo Jet Concept - Revolutionary

  SE Aeronautics' New SE 200 Could Revolutionize Flying                                             Source:  SE Aeronautics Short Takeoff & Landing Potential SE Aeronautics of Alabama is developing a revolutionary new, tri-wing commercial jumbo jet concept.  The SE 200 has a very disruptive and innovative design approach.  Besides the tri-wings, there are a double tail fin and two engines on the back of the plane.  It can carry 264 passengers at a speed of nearly Mach 1, all the while using 70% less fuel than a similar sized jet, greatly reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. Highly Advanced Technology and Many Advantages Some aviation experts believe that the SE 200 could revolutionize the aviation industry.  The prototype is configured with a high lift wing design which enables short distance takeoffs and landings.  That would increase the number of smaller airports that the aircraft could service.  The vehicle has a range of 10,560 miles and can hit top speeds of Mach .90 or

Audi's Future of AI Mobility

Audi AI:ME - May Be World's Most Intelligent Car Source:  Audi AI:ME Audi's Concept Car that's Electric, Autonomous with Enhanced AI The AI:ME is Audi's vision of the future of autonomous, intelligent mobility.  The concept vehicle is  electric, autonomous and loaded with enhanced Artificial Intelligence and what Audi calls "empathetic learning". This concept vehicle is expected to be a big part of Audi's mobility future. Awesome Technology The AI:ME is designed to show how Audi engineers are integrating future powertrains and drive systems with autonomous functionality and electric propulsion into their new vehicles.  One incredible component that Audi is working on is empathetic AI that can read the moods of occupants and adjust various features to make the drive as comfortable as possible. Real-Time Interior Adjustments thru AI for Maximum Comfort Infotainment, lighting. climate control and even seat ergonomics are continuously adjus