Audi's Future of AI Mobility

Audi AI:ME - May Be World's Most Intelligent Car

Source:  Audi AI:ME

Audi's Concept Car that's Electric, Autonomous with Enhanced AI
The AI:ME is Audi's vision of the future of autonomous, intelligent mobility.  The concept vehicle is  electric, autonomous and loaded with enhanced Artificial Intelligence and what Audi calls "empathetic learning". This concept vehicle is expected to be a big part of Audi's mobility future.

Awesome Technology
The AI:ME is designed to show how Audi engineers are integrating future powertrains and drive systems with autonomous functionality and electric propulsion into their new vehicles.  One incredible component that Audi is working on is empathetic AI that can read the moods of occupants and adjust various features to make the drive as comfortable as possible.

Real-Time Interior Adjustments thru AI for Maximum Comfort
Infotainment, lighting. climate control and even seat ergonomics are continuously adjusted in this vehicle, smartly, for maximum comfort. An algorithm analyzes the weather, time of day and the navigation system destination to further create ideal interior comfort.

Electric Drive-Time
The propulsion system in the AI:ME is a 125 kW electric motor and it rolls on 23 inch, alloy wheels.  That's the largest diameter tire on any Audi or Audi prototype.  This is a fascinating concept example of intelligent, electric, autonomous driving.  


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