Green Energy Tech Startup from MIT

Eden GeoPower
Source:  Stock Image Oil Well

Cleaner Oil Extraction
Eden GeoPower is a green energy startup founded by MIT PhD. candidate Paris Smalls and Saudi Aramco geophysicist Ammar Alali who recently graduated from the University of Houston.  They've invented a unique, electric and environmentally sound technology that provides much cleaner and environmentally sound oil and gas extraction.

Fracking Wells
Current fracking techniques rely on water under high pressure to extract oil and gas.  The process generates runoff that is highly polluted and can seep into groundwater.  Eden GeoPower offers a Pulsed Electric Reservoir Stimulation technology that's inexpensive and environmentally correct.  The process is not water intensive and results in no water runoff and no noise pollution.  It's a cleaner energy alternative in extracting gas and oil. The process results in higher extraction rates of oil and gas from fracking wells without causing environmental damage and big noise pollution.

Market Potential
This new technology has a significant market potential.  Despite the dangerous impact of Climate Change, global demand for oil continues to grow.  The current market size for US oil and gas companies is estimated at $412 billion.  And North American oil and gas companies have pumped $150 billion into the development of new technologies for exploration and extraction.  For a free same read of  journalist Ed Kane's latest book "Investing in Disruptive Innovations" go to   I co-authored the books with Ed.


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