Ocean Innovation Investing Opportunities

Blue Innovation From the Commonwealth Nations

Source:  Secretary General's Paper on  Blue Ocean Initiative

Commonwealth Blue Charter
The Secretary General of the Commonwealth nations Patricia Scotland just laid out what she sees as new opportunities to invest in the emerging Blue Ocean Economy.  She notes that 95% of the world's oceans are still unexplored.  The value of global ocean assets is conservatively valued at $24 Trillion and the global ocean economy is worth $2.5 Trillion a year, according to experts cited by Secretary General Scotland. There is a series of investment opportunity ideas that the 53 Commonwealth nations have signed on to in their new Commonwealth Blue Charter. The Commonwealth nations that span the UK to Canada, Kenya, India and Australia include 1/3rd of all world coastal waters and 42% of all coral reefs within their jurisdictions.  Their commitment to the Blue Ocean Charter has the potential of a big impact.

Blue Fashion, Blue Renewable Energy, Blue Fishing, Blue Bonds
Here are a few of the investment opportunities cited by Ms. Scotland.  Some are already being initially bankrolled by Commonwealth nations and global investors. Some may be of interest to new investors to take-on the challenges to our oceans and develop ocean sustainability through targeted new innovations. Some notable trends cited by Secretary General Scotland:

Blue Fashion:  Kenya is a big leader in this new innovation using marine materials to develop bio-alternative fashion, garments and accessories.

Blue Financing:  The Seychelles has pioneered with a number of innovative financing vehicles including Blue Bonds. An example: their blue bond raised $15 Million from global investors to fund ocean economic developments and Climate Change remedies.

Plastic Alternatives:  The UK is banning single use plastics.  Another example is in Bangladesh, where the Blue Charter Foundation is funding a scientist to develop an alternative to plastic forks, knives and spoons with coconut husk cutlery.

Diversified Sustainable Ocean Traffic and Use:  New technology to make ports, fishing and shipping more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Renewable Energy:  Expanding the use of clean energy on global oceans through wind, wave and solar energy innovation projects.

The Commonwealth Blue Charter and Secretary General Patrick's ideas and projects are unique and vital.  Worthy of global consideration by investors and others for a better planet and push against Climate Change. 


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