Samsung's Super AI Smart Fridge

Next-G Refrigerator With Internal Cameras & AI Tracking Your Food
Samsung's Highly Intelligent Refrigerator

Samsung's Family Hub Fridge
This is the next generation in highly intelligent, functional refrigerators.  And, it's nothing like your Mom's refrigerator.  Samsung Electronics has incorporated advanced AI and internal cameras, plus other advanced technology, into the new, Family Hub fridge that it's going to unveil at the CES in Las Vegas next week.  The array of advanced technology and functionality is very impressive.  It brings a whole new level of intelligence and meaning to a fridge.

Monitors Food Inventory, Generates Meal Planning
Using the cameras and advanced AI, the fridge monitors the food inventory, spots changes, updates you on what's been added and depleted and creates a shopping list of what's needed at the supermarket.  It has a Quick Plan function to recommend meals for the week to save money and cut food waste.  The meal recommendations are delivered in one click.  It also has Whisk technology to recommend recipes.  These functions are customized to your personal dietary preferences.

New Innovation For Your Smart Home
This new innovative technology will debut at the 2020 global tech show CES in Las Vegas.  More details to follow about its connectivity within a smart home.


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