Volocopter Air Taxi Ready for Takeoff

CEO Says Fleets of Electric Air Taxis Deployed in 2022

Source:  Volocopter

Electric VTOL
Volocopter CEO Florian Reuter says fleets of Volocopter air taxis will be flying in 2022.  The flying taxi is the world's 1st, manned, fully electric VTOL (vertical landing and takeoff vehicle).  It's fully sustainable, drone like technology that has been successfully flown in demonstrations in a number of global cities.  Volocopter is headquartered in Germany.  Reuter made the announcement in Davos during the 2020 World Economic Forum.

100% Electric with Zero Emissions and VoloPorts
According to Volocopter, their air taxi meets international certifications to be as safe as an airliner.  It's 100% electric powered and emissions free.  The drone like VTOL can carry two passengers.  And, it's quiet with the 18 electric powered rotors on one level.  Volocopter has a whole ecosystem to support their air taxis.  Specifically VoloPorts to connect the VTOLs with inner city traffic hubs such as airports and business districts.

Urban Mobility
The VTOL, designed and manufactured in Germany, was developed to ease commuting in congested urban areas and address urban mobility issues. For the first time in history, more people live in urban areas than in rural.  The historic trend is pushing urban mobility to its limits.  Volocopter is a leading edge VTOL solution to start addressing urban congestion in a green, EV way.


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