Samsung's Big AI Project NEON "AI Being"

Debuting at CES 2020
Source:  Samsung

What Is It?
One of the most anticipated debuts at the annual CES trade show in Las Vegas this week is Samsung's AI project "NEON".  The South Korea tech giant has been marketing it as an "Artificial Human" and "Artificial Intelligence Being".  Samsung has been doing teases over social media to drum up anticipation and suspense about NEON.  For the first time, some information is leaking out on exactly what NEON is.

Artificial Intelligence Being that May be AI Computing
Samsung says NEON is nothing you've ever seen before.  There are some indications that it may be an AI computer.  The Dutch site, LetsGoDigital, that specializes in detailing tech patents, reports based on Samsung's patent filing, that NEON will be able to deliver the following:
  • Augmented reality video production
  • Creation of computer generated characters
  • Computer generated imagery, animations, simulations and models
  • Design and development of computer modeled versions of human beings.
That's the tip of the iceberg.  Samsung has kept details on  this AI under tight wraps. But, the applications known so far are geared toward entertainment including movies, TV and internet.  It sounds awesome and will make its debut on Tuesday.  For free sample reads and borrows of any of journalist Ed Kane's books (co-authored by me) on the latest innovations, including  AI, go to


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