Samsung's Vision of Your Robot - Ballie

Samsung's Ballie "Life Companion"

Source:  Samsung CES 2020

Ready to Roll for You
One of the most intriguing innovations unveiled at CES 2020 this week is a little rolling robot by Samsung named Ballie. Ballie is Samsung's vision of human-centered robots that provide personalized care. It's tiny, ball shaped and wants to do just about everything for you.  It can serve as a home security system, a virtual assistant for such things as fitness training. The yellow, soft-ball sized robot is the next evolution in IoT (internet of things), according to Samsung.

Capable of Running a Household by Commanding Smart Devices
The beeping sphere obeys the owner's voice commands.  At CES 2020, Samsung demonstrated the mini-robot running a household through its commands to smart devices.  Samsung says the robot's AI enables it to react to your ever changing needs.  They call it a "life companion".

On-Device AI
Samsung Electronics has incorporated on-device AI to allow Ballie to provide "truly personalized experiences."  The AI not only delivers the personalization from the robot for the user.  It also puts the owner in charge of any personal information used in operating the robot and protects your privacy.  Ballie is a new and advanced example of the teams of robotic virtual assistance rolling into your home in the very near future.  


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