Lincoln's 1st Electric SUV

Rivian Partners with Lincoln to Produce Lincoln's 1st Electric SUV

Hot Start-Up with Amazon & Ford Investment Backing Goes with Classy Brand
Lincoln has announced that it's partnering with Detroit based EV startup Rivian to co-produce Lincoln's first all-electric vehicle.  Rivian is one of the hottest EV startups with $700 million in investments from Amazon and $500 million from Ford.  What Rivian has developed is a unique flexible skateboard platform on which to build electric vehicles.  Rivian has demonstrated the technology with its own electric SUV (shown above) and electric truck. This is a big coup for Rivian and a big opportunity for Ford to get a substantial return on its investment. According to Ford and Lincoln executive, the Lincoln electric SUV will have a special, classy style of its own on the Rivian skateboard platform.

"Quiet Flight on a Flexible Skateboard"
Lincoln executives say the new electric vehicle will be "stunning" and takes "Quiet Flight" to an all new place.  The new vehicle will have advanced connected and intuitive technology, zero emissions and "effortless performance".  The Lincoln EV will join Ford's top tier EV plans for its Mustang all electric SUV and the all-electric Ford-150 pickup.  These emerging electric vehicles and technologies with the potential to capture big market shares are important opportunities for investors to keep a watch on. To take a free look at journalist Edward Kane's  latest book "Investing in Disruptive Innovations", go to  I co-authored the books with Ed.


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