Fisker's All-Electric Ocean SUV

New EV SUV from US:  All-Electric, Solar-Powered, Vegan Interior, Affordable

Debuts at CES 2020
Fisker, the designer and manufacturer of electric vehicles and advanced mobility solutions headquartered in LA, is unveiling an all-electric, luxury SUV, the Fisker Ocean , at CES 2020 in Las Vegas this week. The vehicle is solar powered and has a full length solar panel on the roof.  Fisker is also partnering with Electrify America, which is the largest, open DC fast charging network in the US.  Electrify America will have 3500 chargers in 45 states by 2021.

Ocean Affordable And Environmentally Correct
The all electric SUV can deliver up to 300 miles of driving on a 30 minute charge. The company has priced it for affordability.  The SUV starts at $37,499 but with a US federal tax credit the price drops to $29,999. The two companies are working together to increase the range and reduce the charge time.  Fisker says the Ocean is a full prototype that's ready to go into production and to market. Besides being all electric and solar-powered, the interior of the SUV is composed of vegan materials.

Open Air California Style
Fisker has patented a unique driving experience that it calls the "California mode".  With the touch of a button, it opens 9 windows and panels to provide an open air feeling like you're driving in a convertible.  All the time maintaining a "full roll cage" safety structure around the passengers.

Green SUV for Early 2020's
Fisker says production on the Ocean will start at the end of 2021 with high volume deliveries in 2022.  To open a wide consumer market and make the vehicle even more affordable, Fisker says you can lease the Ocean without making a long term time commitment. CEO Henrik Fisker says his company is the world's first all digital car company. He says they're building EVs with increased sustainability and with an "immersive experience" built around their mobile platform. 


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