Hyundai Taking Uber to the Skies

Hyundai's S-A1 Air Taxi: Uber-Hyundai Partnership

Source:  Hyundai at CES 2020

Your Next Taxi Ride
South Korean automaker Hyundai has created a full-scale prototype air-taxi, the S-A1.  It's a VTOL 4 seater.  And in a gamechanging innovation move, they're teaming-up with the ride sharing service Uber to take this air taxi into the skies during the 2020's.  It will be part of Uber's aerial rideshare service, Uber Air.  The target date for Hyundai to start production on the flying taxi is 2028. The S-A1 was unveiled this week at the CES 2020 in Las Vegas and was cited as one of the biggest innovations of the year.

Uber Air Taxi Service
With the Hyundai S-A1, Uber Air will work like Uber cars with the added value of an air taxi over traffic. With a push of a button on your phone, a car will pick you up.  It will take you to a skyport where a vertical air mobile vehicle will fly you to your next destination.  You'll then hop into a car to your final destination, like the airport to get over big city traffic.

Asia Tech Rising
Just this week, incredible new travel technology has emerged from Asia.  The new Hyundai flying taxi is impressive.  Add to that, Sony's new electric car with state of the art technology.  And Toyota's announcement that it's building a futuristic city that's autonomous, solar/hydrogen cell powered and robotic. For the 2020's, very exciting new technologies leading to new futures.


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