Hydrogen Fuel Cells On Demand

New Tech for Green, Sustainable Energy 

Source:  Toyota Hydrogen Powered Car

Real Time Energy Source
Hydrogen is abundant, affordable and clean.  It's considered a feasible alternative to fossil fuels that could transform the energy economy and cut Climate Change.  Up until now, ways to separate hydrogen from the compounds that it's contained in have been slow, inefficient and expensive. Now,  scientists in China have invented a new technology that produces hydrogen fuel on the spot.

Novel Process
Chinese scientists at Tsinghua University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences just announced that they've developed a separation process that generates hydrogen "on-demand", "on the spot".  Using the chemical alloy bismuth along with tin, gallium and indium, they pressed the unique alloy material on an aluminum plate in water.  It immediately produced hydrogen in real-time.  They placed the hydrogen in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC), which converted the chemical energy into electrical energy.

Clean, Green Sustainable
Hydrogen is clean, green and sustainable.  A number of automakers, particularly Toyota and Hyundai, believe hydrogen is the fuel of the future.  The Chinese scientists say they are optimizing their new technology and will take it commercial.  


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