Lyon Airport's Robotic Parking Valets

Robotic Parking Service from Stanley Robotics

Source:  Stanley Robotics

Deployed, Tested and Being Greatly Expanded at Top European Airport
The outdoor, robotic parking service developed by Stanley Robotics has tested so well that it's being expanded at Lyon Airport in France. The Airport is expanding the service from 500 parking spaces to 2,000 by summer of 2020 and 6,000 beyond that. Lyon Airport and Stanley Robotics have invented a very innovative and convenient airport parking lot that is leading the way in passenger parking convenience.

Convenient and Easy Airport Parking by Robot Valets
The expanded robotic service will be run by seven autonomous robots working simultaneously with 28 cabins to drop off and pick up cars.  Lyon Airport CEO Tanguy Bertolus says the service enhances customer convenience and the airport experience and cuts the environmental impact of airport activities.  In fact, it cuts the carbon dioxide emissions from cars looking for a parking space significantly. Lyon was named Europe's best airport in 2019 in the 10 million to 25 million passenger category. Airport officials believe that the Stanley Robotics system significantly contributed to their win.

Robotics Economy
Stanley Robotics is part of the robotics future in service that is happening right now.  Their parking service is very easy to use.   Passengers book their parking space on the Airport website, drop their car off at the designated cabin, go to their plane using nearby shuttle buses.  When they return from their trip, they pick up their car at a designated cabin.  It's a robotic answer to tough parking at global airports.  For a browse of journalist Edward Kane's 5-star rated Amazon book "List of Top New Robots" - which is in paperback, audiobook and e-book form, go to  I co-authored the books and narrated the audiobooks.


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