Cars Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hyundai's  M Vision S
Source:  Hyundai

Concept Car that's an Autonomous, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle
The M Vision S is Hyundai's vision of the future of mobility.  The vehicle is fully autonomous, hydrogen fuel cell powered and loaded with connectivity.  It's a concept car that Hyundai says is designed for urban sharing.

World of New Mobility
The M Vision S is equipped with driving sensors like cameras, lidar, radar, 3D rear lamps, virtual space touch and communication lighting.  Communication lighting allows the autonomous car to communicate with, for instance, pedestrians by flashing "Go ahead" or "Be careful".  The lighting also communicates with people inside the car by detecting changes in their mood and then adjusting the lights.  The virtual space touch allows passengers to  listen to music or watch videos.

Hydrogen Society
Hyundai is a big believer in what it calls the "Hydrogen Society", where hydrogen fuel cells will be a major power source for cars, ships, generators and much more. Hydrogen is clean and unlike solar energy isn't dependent on time of day.  Hyundai runs the world's largest production line exclusively for hydrogen fuel cell modules.  With its FCEV 2030 plan, it has a commitment to accelerating the development of the "Hydrogen Society".  By 2030, it expects to be producing 700,000 fuel cell systems annually with 500,000 units for EVs.  It just unveiled the M Vision S at the CES 2020.  For a sample read of journalist Ed Kane's latest book "Investing in Disruptive Innovations", go to

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