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Cars Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hyundai's  M Vision S Source:  Hyundai Concept Car that's an Autonomous, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle The M Vision S is Hyundai's vision of the future of mobility.  The vehicle is fully autonomous, hydrogen fuel cell powered and loaded with connectivity.  It's a concept car that Hyundai says is designed for urban sharing. World of New Mobility The M Vision S is equipped with driving sensors like cameras, lidar, radar, 3D rear lamps, virtual space touch and communication lighting.  Communication lighting allows the autonomous car to communicate with, for instance, pedestrians by flashing "Go ahead" or "Be careful".  The lighting also communicates with people inside the car by detecting changes in their mood and then adjusting the lights.  The virtual space touch allows passengers to  listen to music or watch videos. Hydrogen Society Hyundai is a big believer in what it calls the "Hydrogen Society", where hydrogen fue

New Robot with Hospitality Aspirations

Taking Reservations, Giving Information Source:  Misty Robotics Your Robotic Hotel Experience Misty 11 has great aspirations to be a key part of the hospitality industry.  The cute, little rolling robot is the invention of Misty Robotics, based in Boulder, Colorado and was just unveiled at CES 2020.  Misty can detect humans, greet them, interact, provide information and responses.  She can make reservations, call for assistance and even be part of point of sales systems.  The little robot gives new meaning to the hospitality industry.  Her inventors have designed her to go to work in a hotel near you very soon. Open Source Code What's ingenious about Misty is she is not limited to one task.  This is part of an important, new emerging trend to design robots that are not limited to one use.  They have capabilities that can be used in many ways.  In the case of Misty, from room mapping to greeting customers and taking reservations.  The open source code allow

Samsung's Vision of Your Robot - Ballie

Samsung's Ballie "Life Companion" Source:  Samsung CES 2020 Ready to Roll for You One of the most intriguing innovations unveiled at CES 2020 this week is a little rolling robot by Samsung named Ballie. Ballie is Samsung's vision of human-centered robots that provide personalized care. It's tiny, ball shaped and wants to do just about everything for you.  It can serve as a home security system, a virtual assistant for such things as fitness training. The yellow, soft-ball sized robot is the next evolution in IoT (internet of things), according to Samsung. Capable of Running a Household by Commanding Smart Devices The beeping sphere obeys the owner's voice commands.  At CES 2020, Samsung demonstrated the mini-robot running a household through its commands to smart devices.  Samsung says the robot's AI enables it to react to your ever changing needs.  They call it a "life companion". On-Device AI Samsung Electronics ha

Fisker's All-Electric Ocean SUV

New EV SUV from US:  All-Electric, Solar-Powered, Vegan Interior, Affordable Debuts at CES 2020 Fisker, the designer and manufacturer of electric vehicles and advanced mobility solutions headquartered in LA, is unveiling an all-electric, luxury SUV, the Fisker Ocean , at CES 2020 in Las Vegas this week. The vehicle is solar powered and has a full length solar panel on the roof.  Fisker is also partnering with Electrify America, which is the largest, open DC fast charging network in the US.  Electrify America will have 3500 chargers in 45 states by 2021. Ocean Affordable And Environmentally Correct The all electric SUV can deliver up to 300 miles of driving on a 30 minute charge. The company has priced it for affordability.  The SUV starts at $37,499 but with a US federal tax credit the price drops to $29,999. The two companies are working together to increase the range and reduce the charge time.  Fisker says the Ocean is a full prototype that's ready to go into productio

LG's Ceiling Rolldown 2020 OLED TV

Next G Rollable TV Display Source:  LG's Rollup TV Display Unveiled at CES 2019 Unveiling at CES 2020 Next Week South Korea tech giant LG has invented a 65 inch, UHD OLED TV that rolls down from the ceiling just like a projector.  The new design form means it's not visible when not in use and it doesn't take up space or require any furniture.  This is breakthrough technology that will be unveiled at the annual 2020 CES trade show in Las Vegas next week.  No pictures of the new TV have been released as of now. More Innovations At CES 2020, LG will also introduce other innovations including a laptop sized rollup TV screen for cars and a transparent screen for airplanes.  LG has been developing the rollable display TV concept for the past several years.  At CES 2019, it introduced its first commercial rollable TV display concept that rolled upwards from a specialized rectangular speaker box by pressing a button.  It's called the LG Signature OLED TV R.  Appare