India Heats Up Electric Vehicle Market

India's Tata Group Puts a Big Push on Electric Vehicles

Source:  Tata Group's Nexon Electric SUV

Ecosystem for Electric Vehicles
Tata Group, the $160 billion conglomerate headquartered in India, is putting an unprecedented push behind the use of electric vehicles.  It's drawing on expertise from its four core businesses:  Tata Motors, Tata Power, Tata Chemical and Tata Croma, which sells consumer electronics.  This is a unique attempt by Tata to use synergistic expertise to enable a rapid rollout and acceptance of zero emission, electric driving.  They say they're using "an ecosystem" to accelerate the use of EVs in India.  By the way, Tata is the owner of the British luxury brand Jaguar Land Rover.

2020 Nexon EV SUV
This week in Mubai, the Tata Group unveiled its 2020 Nexon electric SUV.  It's very affordably priced at $19,400.  They plan on rolling out four EVs within two years.

Deploying the Conglomerate's Synergies
Tata is making EV's and EV batteries, setting up 750 charging stations around India and building a battery recycling plant.  The EV's will be sold through Tata Motors dealerships and Tata Croma stores.  Tata Power is building the recharging stations.  Tata Consulting Services is handling consumer billing and payments.  And Tata Chemical is handling the EV batteries, including the battery recycling plant.  The "ecosystem"  approach comes from the top of the conglomerate Ratan Tata.  Tata along with the Government of India fully support a zero emissions, electric vehicle future. 


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