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Samsung's Vision of Your Robot - Ballie

Samsung's Ballie "Life Companion" Source:  Samsung CES 2020 Ready to Roll for You One of the most intriguing innovations unveiled at CES 2020 this week is a little rolling robot by Samsung named Ballie. Ballie is Samsung's vision of human-centered robots that provide personalized care. It's tiny, ball shaped and wants to do just about everything for you.  It can serve as a home security system, a virtual assistant for such things as fitness training. The yellow, soft-ball sized robot is the next evolution in IoT (internet of things), according to Samsung. Capable of Running a Household by Commanding Smart Devices The beeping sphere obeys the owner's voice commands.  At CES 2020, Samsung demonstrated the mini-robot running a household through its commands to smart devices.  Samsung says the robot's AI enables it to react to your ever changing needs.  They call it a "life companion". On-Device AI Samsung Electronics ha