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Africa Rangers Fight Poachers on E-Bikes

  Africa Using Solar Powered E-Bikes To Prevent Poaching  Source:  CAKE e-bikes & Elephant stock image Unique Partnership and Program Solar powered motorbikes from Sweden are about to be deployed by anti-poaching rangers in Africa to stop poachers from killing wildlife and endangered species.  The solar powered, electric bike is called the Kalk AP and it is designed to overcome the problems African rangers face in protecting endangered species in conservation areas.  The program and the Kalk AP have been developed by a partnership that includes the Southern Africa Wildlife College, CAKE electric motorbikes of Sweden and Goal Zero, a portable solar panel company headquartered in Utah. Preventing Poaching Across Africa, rangers are using motorbikes to patrol protected areas.  But the bikes run on expensive and many times inaccessible gasoline.  They are also very noisy, sounding an alarm to poachers that rangers are on their way.  The new Kalk AP is quiet, energy efficient and sustai

REV Ocean Built to Save Oceans

World's Largest Research and Expedition Vessel Source:  REV Ocean Photo Norway Based REV Ocean Rev Ocean, based in Norway, is currently building the REV, the world's largest research and expedition vessel.  Rev Ocean's CEO Nina Jensen has been honored  by the World Economic Forum as one of the world's top 5 visionary leaders determined to save our oceans.  REV Ocean is globally known for is dedication to identifying technology solutions for the health of the oceans. REV  REV is fitted to house 60 researchers, marine scientists, oceanographers and engineers at any given time.  Outfitted with highly advanced equipment, its mission and promise are to uncover sustainable and environmentally helpful solutions for the world's oceans which are under threat.  Construction on the vessel is being done in Romania and is progressing at a rapid pace. Oceanic Needs Only 5% of the ocean has been explored but there's evidence that the entire ocean ecosystem is under

Wildlife Conservation Breakthrough

AI -Enabled Documentation of Wild Kingdoms Using Artificial Intelligence, researchers and scientists are able to spot and document wild animals in their natural habitat like never before.  They're also able to count and identify them.  They've developed an AI system that can automatically identify, count and describe animals in their natural surroundings in real time.  The scientists believe this will significantly forward wildlife study and conservation.  This tech animal adventure is being conducted by scientists from University of Wyoming, and Harvard University.   It's a wildlife conservation  breakthrough. Motion-Sensor Cameras and Big Data This is exciting breakthrough technology.  It's inexpensive, unobtrusive and accurate.  With motion sensor cameras, photographs are collected and described by neural networks. They've developed machine learning algorithms to do it with 97% accuracy to id, count and describe the wildlife,.  The system is automated an