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COVID Vaccine Deliveries by Drones

  Zipline Vaccine Deliveries by Drone                                        Source:  Zipline Potential New Remedy to Vaccine Shortages  In the business of drone deliveries, Zipline is by far the biggest player.  It has extensive experience delivering blood and vaccines by drones.  In fact, in 2020, it delivered one million doses of non-COVID-19 vaccines in Africa alone.  It is now about to tackle the difficult logistical task of delivering COVID vaccines. Vaccines Coming By Flying Drones Zipline is a 7 year old startup, headquartered in San Francisco.  It just disclosed that it is developing a COVID vaccine drone delivery system with a COVID vaccine manufacturer.  Zipline did not name the manufacturer that it's working with.  The delivery process is very complicated because many of the vaccines like those from Pfizer and Moderna need to be kept at cold temperatures or they de-nature. April Takeoffs Zipline says it will have "end to end" cold chain capabilities" in p

Amazon's New Zoox RoboTaxi

  Zoox Travels Up to 75 MPH Source:  Amazon Zoox Electric, Autonomous Taxi Service from Amazon This is a new example of USA travel innovation that is green and self-driving.  Amazon bought the California based, autonomous, robotaxi service Zoox in June 2020.  Now, Amazon has unveiled a cutting edge Zoox robotaxi under development for the past six years that Amazon's investment has helped bring to fruition.  The robotaxi is electric, autonomous and loaded with technology, including sensors, artificial intelligence, lidar and a lot more and has no steering wheel.  The vehicle is designed like a cube and can transport up to 4 passengers.  It can hit speeds up to 75 mph. The vehicle contains innovative, awesome technology that Amazon is rolling out. Incredible Technology and Maneuverability The Zoox can change direction without going into reverse.  It has four wheel steering and can drive bidirectionally for unprecedented maneuverability in tight urban spaces. With its 133 kilowatt-hou

Important Innovations Collection: China's New Bot Delivery System

New Package Delivery Robots Source:  Segway-Ninebot Rapid Development in US, Germany and China Armies of robots, some of which can walk up your front steps and deliver packages to your door, are being developed and deployed globally.  For a look at some of the most promising robotic delivery systems, go to my news colleague Ed Kane's news blog at  Important Innovations Collection: China's New Bot Delivery System : Bot Deliveries on the Move Source:  Segway-Ninebot's Loomo Loomo From San Francisco to Beijing, armies of service bots for p...