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NASA Big Moon Water Discoveries

  Where There Is Water, There May be Life                                                                                          Source:  Moon Stock Image Big Scientific Discovery Push Is Underway NASA's SOPHIA Telescope has discovered water on the Moon.  That is a very big finding because the presence of water holds the potential of the presence of life.  Areas with the presence of water on the Moon and on other planets are the prime locations that NASA targets to search for new forms of life in space. NASA's Critical New Questions NASA is now asking a series of critical questions about the findings.  How much water is there in the places that SOPHIA has spotted?  How can the water be used by future astronauts in the 2024 Artemis mission to the Moon?  NASA says it is using rovers, spacecraft, telescopes and more in pursuit of answers to these critical questions. What We Know Now & What's Upcoming in 2028 NASA findings have already confirmed that there is more water o

What's Up in Space?

Space 2020's:  What's Up There? Universe Unfolding While the Earth is in a virtual lockdown because of the pandemic, the Universe itself seems far from it.  Discoveries of distant new worlds, galaxies and stars continue unabated. Brand New Worlds For a fascinating view of the latest discoveries in space, take a look at the just  published book  "Space 2020's: What's Up There?" There are fascinating  and mysterious new realms just discovered by NASA and other global space agencies.  ASIN: B087DV4DZ6 ... ...

Important Innovations Collection: New Book on Space Discoveries & Exploration

New Book on Important Space Breakthrough So Far in 2019 Source:  NASA Space experts are calling 2019 the year of a new space renaissance. Just in the past six months, major discoveries, explorations and innovations have been rocketing in from space.  For a handy reference guide, we're finalizing a book on big news stories on space so far this year.  For more details, go to Important Innovations Collection: New Book on Space Discoveries & Exploration : Source:  NASA New Book on Space I’m in the process of finalizing a very fascinating book “Big Space News 2019” with fellow journali...