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IQ & Emotion Brain Circuits MRI'd in Babies

Infant's Brain Foreshadows the Adult's Emotional Control and Cognition UNC's Breakthrough Neuroscience Research Medical researchers at University of North Carolina Health Care have made a remarkable series of discoveries. Using MRI's, they've shown that the brain circuits needed for successful emotional regulation in adults emerge in babies one to two years old.  These brain circuits are the foundation of successful emotional development and IQ. Predictors of Future Behavior and IQ The growth rates of the emotion circuits in the brain during the child's second year "predict", according to the scientists, anxiety and emotional regulation at the age of four.  It also predicts the child's IQ at the age of 4.  Abnormal processing in the circuits is associated with depression, anxiety and schizophrenia in adults. From the MRI's of Babies The importance of these discoveries is the ability to foresee the individual's emotional contro