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Earth Movements Impacted by COVID-19

Earth Vibrating Substantially Less Source:  NASA Global Commerce and Life Profoundly Charged The coronavirus has had a profound impact on the planet  Earth.  Schools and universities are closed.  Businesses  are shuttered.  Retails malls, libraries, movie theaters, beaches, parks, professional sports and Broadway are all in pause. The world is in a shelter at home mode to stop the spread of the virus. Fewer trains are running and  flights are grounded.  Rush hour is no more. The result on planet Earth is unprecedented. The dramatic shutdown of global economic activity has resulted in the Earth vibrating a great deal less. Standing Still According to seismologists the planet Earth is virtually standing still.  Researchers in London, Brussels and Los Angeles have documented a 30 to 50% drop in ambient seismic noise since the pandemic lockdowns began.  They say this demonstrates that most people are sheltering in the safety of their ho