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Feel Younger than Your Age. That's Great For Your Brain

Feeling Younger - Your Brain May be Aging Slower Younger than Your Years Each day we all get older.  But there are some people that don't feel their age.  Scientists have taken that seriously.  And MRI brain scans on elderly who feel younger than their years show fewer signs of brain aging compared with those who feel their age and older. A Brain First The research was conducted by South Korean neuroscientists and published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience.  It demonstrates the first link between subjective age - how old you feel - and brain aging. Act Your Age Aging isn't a fixed process.  Everyone is affected differently mentally and physically.  Then there's the emotional component and how old you feel.  Many feel older or younger than their actual years.  The questions are many but particularly why.  This is the first attempt to investigate brain aging processes as a possible reason for differences in subjective age. Gray Matters South Korean researchers