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Buick Is Re-Inventing Itself - Wildcat

  Buick's All Electric Lineup by 2030 in North America                                                  Source:  Buick Wildcat A Look at Buick's Future GM just unveiled the Buick Wildcat concept, a revolutionary new electric vehicle that signals the reinvigoration and the electrification of the 119-year-old brand. The Wildcat represents Buick's future direction in design, looks and technology.  Buick will offer only electric vehicles in North American by 2030.  It will start rolling out EVs in the US in 2024.  The EVs will be categorized under the name Electra.  Wildcat is leading the way. Unique Exterior and Interior The Wildcat is sleek, aerodynamically styled, with design touches unpredictable for Buick.  It's a real beauty with tech brains.  With Wildcat, Buick is attempting to shed its stodgy image and go for a more fun, stylish, green and technologically advanced concept.  Wildcat has a new logo and the design is smaller and much sleeker than Buicks currently on t