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Harley Davidson's E-LiveWireOne

  LiveWire One Electric Motorcycle                                                   Source: Harley Davidson LiveWire One (Top) & LiveWire Green, Clean Electric Biking Harley-Davidson is doubling up on its push for electric bikes.  Its latest battery powered motorcycle is the LiveWire One, which is more affordably priced than the original LiveWire.  The actual sticker price of the new model is $21,999.  With the federal tax credit, most customers will pay less than $20,000. for the new bike, which will roll out in a few weeks and can be ordered online. Hybrid Shopping Approach Sales will start in the US in three states: California, Texas and New York.  Harley is making the retail experience "hybrid" for the customer.  The customer can do most of their shopping online and then take delivery of the bike at a local Harley Davidson dealership. The company will be expanding retail distribution into 2022. Range & Charging Time LiveWire will be able to travel 146 city miles

Perhaps the World's Fastest Motorcycle

  Electric Motorcycle Rockets at 250 mph With Zero Emissions Source: White Motorcycle Concepts UK's  White Motorcycle Concepts White Motorcycle Concepts, based in the United Kingdom, believe they have created the world's most aerodynamic motorcycle design with their WMC250EV.  The key is a large air duct running through the center of the bike.  The duct is called "V-Air".  It forces air through the middle of the electric bike, not around it as is normal in motorcycles.  The result is that drag on the bike is reduced by 70%.  The company thinks that the e-bike will be able to hit speeds over 250 mph.  The vehicle provides both tremendous speed and zero-emissions travel. Creative Design & Highly Advanced Technology Because much of the center of the bike is a huge air duct hole, White Motorcycle Concepts has been very creative with the design of the bike.  They've placed the quad-motor powertrain and 15 kw lithium ion batteries at the bottom of the bike, which lo