From Spain, the OX Patagonia

                                   Source:  OX Motorcycles

Inexpensive, Capable e-Motorcycle for City or Off-Roading

At less than $7200, the new OX Patagonia, electric adventure motorcycle is a rare, inexpensive electric adventure motorcycle.  It's good for city commuting and for off-roading adventures.  The Patagonia has been developed by startup company OX Motorcycles of Madrid, Spain.  For fans of all-terrain adventure bikes, this is a dream come true. Until now, electric, all-terrain motorcycles have been few and far between and very expensive.  This new bike can be ordered and reserved for $260.00 and delivered in September for $7190.00

Tech Specs and Other Features

The bike's electric motor, which is housed in the hub of the rear wheel, delivers a peak of 11 kW, continuous power of 6 kW and a peak torque of 37 ft-lb. It is powered by a removeable 72V and 60A battery.  The battery takes 5 hours to recharge in a standard socket.  OX Patagonia can hit 68 mph on a highway and has a range on a charge of 62 miles.  

Built For Adventure

The bike's chassis is built for adventure. It has long travel suspensions, increased height and a more upright riding position than other bikes.  It can carry two people.  The chunky off-road tires work on just about any surface.  The vehicle has a powerful LED headlight, a glove box with a USB socket to charge mobile devices and sidesaddles to transport medium sized objects.  And the electric vehicle comes with a lot of technology, including a digital dashboard, GPS, a phone app and more.  The OX Patagonia is Ox Motorcycle's attempt to keep electric all-terrain motorcycles accessible and affordable.  For more news like this, Daily Vehicle Briefing


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