Cadillac's Flagship EV Concept Celestiq

Hand-Built New Cadillac EV 

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Hot New Vehicle

More details are starting to emerge on the new Cadillac Celestiq concept car, which is being billed as Cadillac's EV flagship.  Cadillac is building up suspense for the unveiling of the new vehicle with a series of teaser images for the concept version of its Celestiq all-electric, ultra-luxury sedan. The EV is expected to be formally unveiled late this year and go on the market for sale by 2025.  By all indications, it will be a spectacular new, large, electric hatchback sedan, combining artistry, luxury and highly advanced technologies.  Designed to compete against the Mercedes-Benz EQS and Tesla Model S, it is expected to be priced in the six-figure range when it goes into production.


The Celestiq is a large and luxurious fastback sedan with large wheels, a long hood, glass roof and L-shaped taillights.  In a very rare move, Cadillac is building the vehicle by hand, not by automation.  As a result, Cadillac will produce just 1.2 cars a day.  The vehicle has a sleek, futuristic silhouette. It has a unique, very high tech, 4 panel glass roof that allows the driver and passengers to individually set the level of transparency. A huge display screen spans the entire front dashboard and added screens are placed between the 1st and 2nd seating rows for passengers to individually enjoy.

Tech Specs - What We Know

Cadillac has confirmed that the Celestiq will have all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering. It has a dual-motor AWD powertrain. The battery pack is expected to have 100kWh of capacity. Super Cruise driver assistance will be offered.  Cadillac has not disclosed specific data on the electric engine's power and range.  Celestiq will be Cadillac's EV flagship and launched right after the Lyriq EV, which is the company's first all-electric SUV. The Lyriq has a 312-mile range, 340-hp rear wheel drive and starts at $62,990.  Expectations are that Celestiq will match or exceed the power of Lyriq. The formal unveiling of Celestiq is expected by the end of this year. For more news like this, Future Travel Vehicles


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