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Cadillac's Flagship EV Concept Celestiq

Hand- Built New  Cadillac EV                                                           Source:  Cadillac Hot New Vehicle More details are starting to emerge on the new Cadillac Celestiq concept car, which is being billed as Cadillac's EV flagship.  Cadillac is building up suspense for the unveiling of the new vehicle with a series of teaser images for the concept version of its Celestiq all-electric, ultra-luxury sedan. The EV is expected to be formally unveiled late this year and go on the market for sale by 2025.  By all indications, it will be a spectacular new, large, electric hatchback sedan, combining artistry, luxury and highly advanced technologies.  Designed to compete against the Mercedes-Benz EQS and Tesla Model S, it is expected to be priced in the six-figure range when it goes into production. Hand-Built The Celestiq is a large and luxurious fastback sedan with large wheels, a long hood, glass roof and L-shaped taillights.  In a very rare move, Cadillac is building the