Mercedes AMG One: Powerful, Stunning, Once-in-a-Lifetime Car

                                    Super: Mercedes AMG One

Top Speed of 219 MPH

The Mercedes AMG One is one powerful, hybrid-electric hypercar.  The One has the same 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 engine used in Mercedes' winning F1 race cars, along with four electric motors.  The combination pumps out 1,049 hp and a top speed of 219 mph.  This vehicle is street legal, race ready and is going into production, five years after it was unveiled as an eye-popping prototype.  The One is nothing short of a spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime car.  Mercedes is producing only 275 vehicles priced at $3 million each.

Tech Specs

The vehicle is very impressive.  Mercedes developed a unique Formula 1 powertrain that enables the vehicle to drive on regular roads.  The engine can rev up to an unbelievable 11,000 rpm.  It has a 7-speed automated manual transmission that was designed specifically for the powertrain. Two 161-hp electric motors are on the front axle and a 3rd 161-hp electric motor is mounted on the engine and connected to the crankshaft.  They give the One 4-wheel drive with torque vectoring capabilities.  A 4th, 121 hp electric motor is connected to the Motor Generator Unit Heat system with its compressor turbine and exhaust gas turbine. The One has a 8.4-kWh battery pack that provides 11 miles range on electricity alone.  There are 6 different drive modes including EV mode and 2 track modes. It has massive carbon ceramic brakes and 80% of the braking energy can be sent back to the battery through regenerative braking.  

Style Features

The One can carry a driver and a passenger and has butterfly-styled doors. The interior is classic with 2, 10-inch displays containing the gauge cluster and the infotainment center. The carbon fiber body design is sleek and aerodynamic.  There is an unusual roof that blends into a shark fin on the tail of the vehicle.  It has rectangular shaped lights that reflect the AMG logo.  There are also decorative Mercedes stars on the vehicle.  Bottomline:  this is a once-in-a-lifetime hypercar that is a work of art and highly advanced automotive technologies.  For more news like this, Daily Vehicle Briefing


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