Powerhouse EV Partnership: Sony & Honda

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                                Source:  Sony and Honda

Sony Honda Mobility

Japanese automotive and electronics giants Honda and Sony have formed the Sony Honda Mobility company to produce EVs. They expect to start selling what they call less expensive, more affordable electric cars in 2025.  Each company will invest more than $37.5 million in the JV. They are also developing and will produce Sony's Vision-S 02 SUV prototype that pumps out 536 hp from an electric, dual motor system. This is a breakthrough partnership combining the best of the global automotive and new technology worlds.

Automotive Inflection Point

This JV is likely to serve as an inflection point in the design, purpose and definition of future vehicles. A car's primary purpose will be more than travelling from point A to point B.  The vehicles' appeal will be lifestyle design and highly connected infotainment that the passengers use in their car rides.  Cars will be autonomous, using highly advanced sensors, lidar, cameras and AI to robotically drive the vehicle.  Sony brings tremendous depth of expertise in software, technology, robotics, electronics, AI and infotainment that will help redefine the future of the driving experience.  Honda brings to the partnership global expertise in manufacturing and selling cars. The new JV is very powerful and has the potential of tremendous impact.

Expect Lower Priced EVs

Honda and Sony have made it clear that they are developing a series of lower priced EVs based on a new joint platform.  They will also jointly develop and produce the Sony Vision-S 02 EV concept.  Separately, Honda, which has only 1 EV, the Honda e, at the moment, will roll out 30 EV models by 2030 and expects to sell 2 million of them annually.  Sony and Honda are sharing leadership of their new JV with a top Honda executive as Chairman and CEO and a top Sony executive as President and COO.  This is a very important partnership to watch as it develops with the potential of profoundly impacting the global automotive industry.


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