Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow - Super Concept Car

 Vision EQ Silver Arrow

                                Source: Mercedes Benz

Car Inspired by the Past, Revolutionized by the Future

Mercedes' EQ Silver Arrow concept car is arguably their most futuristic vision of what electric driving can be. The Silver Arrow is a stunningly beautiful, smooth, sleek sports car that is the crown jewel of Mercedes' creative design and technologies.  First introduced in 2018, the Silver Arrow is a one-seater, inspired by the world record breaking Mercedes racecar W125 from 1937.  The W125 set a world, 268 mph speed record that held until 2017. The new EV concept is the perfect mix of old-world luxuries with new, highly advanced technologies. Mercedes says the Silver Arrow is their signpost to the future of automotive design.

Tech Specs

Mercedes has conceived the concept as an all-electric vehicle, that is soundless.  There is no roaring race car combustion engine.  Instead, it has dual electric motors that create an aggregate of 550 kW or 737 hp. There is a thin, rechargeable battery that is positioned in the underbelly of the car with a capacity of 80kW and a range of more than 250 miles. There are side air vents to help keep the battery cool.

Exterior Design

The exterior design is nothing short of spectacular.  The vehicle is sleek, smooth, streamlined and aerodynamic. The paint on the vehicle is luminous silver that glows like molten metal.  The car body is made of carbon fiber.  Mercedes has designed a light show on the vehicle.  There is a continuous lighting strip on the front, a lighting strip on the sides and large EQ letters behind the front wheels. The lights are highlighted with dashes of blue.

Interior Design and Panoramic Display

The interior is an amalgam of old-world luxuries and futuristic technologies. There is a plush leather seat, solid walnut floors and touches of polished aluminum.  The futuristic cockpit offers the best in digital technology with a huge, panoramic, curved screen that has back projection and a touchscreen integrated into the steering wheel. The system is capable of a 3D image of the car's surroundings. With AI, it is capable of engaging in a virtual race on a virtual racetrack superimposed on the real road.  Mercedes says its Virtual Race Coach/driver assistance AI system helps the driver to be a better driver by providing helpful instructions during the drive.  

Silver Arrow

The EQ Silver Arrow is Mercedes' futuristic vision of the future of exciting, all electric, sports car driving.  Experts say the vehicle is very close to being road legal.  Mercedes has not disclosed if or when it might put the magnificent Silver Arrow into production.


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