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Sweden's E-Boats & Underwater Wings

  Candela's Electric Hydrofoil Speedboats                                                                           Source:  Candela Boating That's Good For the Environment Stockholm-based Candela has developed an electric hydrofoil speedboat that is a technological wonder.  It glides above the water's surface in a silent, environmentally safe and zero emissions way.  Unlike gas powered boats, there are no pollutants contaminating pristine waterways and their surrounding ecosystems. The company is expanding internationally and just signed a partnership in New Zealand with Next Generation Boats to sell its innovative e-boats there.  The island nation has one of the highest per capital uses of boats in the world and a large number of pristine harbors, lakes and estuaries, which are just the types of water environments that Candela is designed to protect. Highly Advanced Foil Technology Candela's electric hydrofoil speedboats are low impact and ecofriendly.  The Candela C-